How Can I Find My Lost Mobile By Imei Number?

You can surely find your lost phone even without a SIM card, internet access, and GPS location. Though it seems difficult, it is very much possible to find your lost mobile using the IMEI number.

You can find the IMEI number of your lost phone through the box in which the handset was packed. Check for the sticker pasted on the box that has product information on it such as the model number and serial number. Above the bar code, the 15 digit number is the IMEI number.

Once you get to know the IMEI number of your stolen phone, it is easy to track it for free using an IMEI phone tracker app that you can download from the Google Play store. Apart from this, you can contact the police and provide them with your phone’s IMEI number so that they can track your lost phone.

  1. What is the IMEI number?

    IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit unique number that is found in every phone. This number is an identity certificate for your phone and cannot be changed. Whenever you buy a new phone, you can check the IMEI on the box or inside the Settings functionality. It is very important and useful to note down and keep this number safe as it could be used in the future if your phone ever gets lost or misplaced.

  2. How do police track IMEI numbers?

    Every phone has a specific 15-digit number known as the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This number can be used by the police to locate your lost or misplaced cell phone. Even with a different SIM, the moment a call is made, the IMEI number helps police to track your phone to the exact or nearby cell phone tower.

  3. Can thieves change the IMEI number?

    Yes, thieves can change the IMEI number of the stolen mobiles using a device known as a ‘flasher’. It is a small technologically advanced device that helps connect the handset to a computer and allows the user to modify the IMEI number. Once the IMEI number is modified, it is pretty much impossible to locate the lost cell phone.

  4. Can IMEI unlock cell phone (look at these guys) be unblocked?

    After blocking your IMEI number, it will be blacklisted thus forbidding you to use your mobile from that instant. Basically, the device is blocked for protective purposes such as due to theft incidents. Once the purpose is solved, one can legally unblock the blacklisted IMEI number.